girlfriends film club

girlfriends film club is a community film club in the knoxville area. below is a brief faq followed by a screening calendar.


where is girlfriends film club? at the homes of its members.

how do i become a member? participate by attending a screening. there are no dues or laminated cards. you do not need to attend all or even most of the screenings to participate in the club.

when are screenings? screenings are whenever they're scheduled. members are encouraged to cooridinate times they think will work best for at least a handful of people who want to attend a screening.

why is it called girlfriends film club? it's named after claudia weill's 1978 movie girlfriends. the first official girlfriends film club meeting was a screening of pedro almodóvar's pepi, luci, bom and other girls like mom (1980).

what kinds of movies do you watch? originally the idea was to watch female-centric movies, but all movies will be considered: old, new, foreign languge (and movies in english), comedies, dramas, action, noir, suspense, horror, etc. we watch movies we like and think are good.

can i choose a movie? attend a screening and you can choose and host a movie. to host a movie, you need to own or borrow a tv or projector and have the means to play a movie on it: a dvd or blu-ray player, a vhs player, a laserdisc player, a laptop with an hdmi cable, etc. try to improve the audiovisual experience as much as you can with the equipment available to you, and feel free to ask if you need help. choose a movie that you believe suits the sensibility of the film club based on previous screenings. if you have any further questions about film selection, feel free to ask.

what about content warnings? hosts who have chosen a particular movie are strongly encouraged to include content warnings so they can be added here on the website. the most important content warnings are rape, violence, and gore, but hosts should feel free to include additonal warnings as they see fit.

i'm going to somebody's house or apartment, so what about pets, etc? please let me know if you have pets or if there are other allergens or anything else we should know about so we can make an informed decision about visiting your home. please make sure that other people you live with are okay with having guests.

how do i find out where the movies are playing? addresses and other identifying information will not be posted on this website. email your interest in a particular movie and you will be added to a mailing list that has the address of that movie. if you want to be removed from the mailing list, email again expressing that you would like to be removed from the mailing list.

what if i attend or host a screening and someone acts inappropriately? if someone acts inappropriately they will be removed from the mailing list and not be invited back. this includes hosts.

snacks? beverages? the host might provide some, but bring your own, and be prepared to dispose of your own trash and recycling.

forthcoming screenings

thursday, february 23rd, 8 pm: perfect blue (1997)
    directed by satoshi kon
    produced by madhouse
    based on the novel by yoshikazu takeuchi
    starring junko iwao and rica matsumoto (the japanese ash ketchum)
    in japanese with english subtitles
    story: ex-idol mima leaves the music industry and begins acting. she is stalked and has trouble distinguishing between the imaginary and the real. a series of murders occur and mima believes she might be involved.
    riyl: chabrol, clouzot, hitchcock, and de palma
    content warning: violence, blood, injury detail, nudity, and rape
    this screening is in the bearden area of knoxville. email for address or dm @girlfriendsfilmclub or @worleyblair on instagram for the address.

girlfriends film club-esque

vive l'amour (1994), dir. tsai ming-liang
variety (1983), dir. bette gordon
desert hearts (1985), dir. donna deitch
blue steel (1990), dir. kathryn bigelow
women on the verge of a nervous breakdown (1988), dir. pedro almodóvar
remember my name (1978), dir. alan rudolph
supermarket woman (1996), dir. jûzô itami
the last seduction (1994), dir. john dahl
cléo from 5 to 7 (1962), dir. agnès varda
star 80 (1983), dir. bob fosse
diabolique (1955), dir. henri-georges clouzot
the haunting (1963), dir. robert wise
like grains of sand (1995), dir. ryosuke hashiguchi
losing ground (1982), dir. kathleen collins
something wild (1986), dir. jonathan demme
happy together (1997), dir. wong kar-wai
slumber party massacre (1982), dir. amy holden jones
queen christina (1933), dir. rouben mamoulian
the girl who leapt through time (1983), dir. nobuhiko ôbayashi
blood simple (1984), dir. joel and ethan coen
the romance of astrea and celadon (2007), dir. éric rohmer

past screenings

thursday, november 3rd, 8 pm: an autumn's tale (1987)

    directed by mabel cheung
    starring cherie chung and chow yun-fat
    story: a young woman moves from hong kong to new york to attend college. she is taken under the wing of her distant cousin.
    genre: romance
    runtime: 1 hour and 38 minutes
    in color
    in cantonese with iffy english subtitles
    content warning: mild violence, including fisticuffs.
    pets at screening: cat

saturday, november 19th, 8 pm: double indemnity (1944)
    directed by billy wilder
    starring fred macmurray, barbara stanwyck, and edward g. robinson
    story: a woman convinces an insurance agent to kill her husband and help her receive a big insurance payout. it all goes without a hitch.
    genre: noir
    runtime: 1 hour and 47 minutes
    in black and white
    in english with no subtitles
    pets at screening: possible cat

thursday, december 8th, at 8 pm: smooth talk (1985)
    directed by joyce chopra
    starring laura dern, treat williams, and mary kay place
    story: a young woman at odds with her mother experiences sexual yearning, confusion, and menace.
    content warning: implied sexual assault
    genre: drama, thriller
    runtime: 1 hour and 32 minutes
    in color
    in english with no subtitles
    pets at screening: possible cat
    please email for address or dm the gffc instagram account
    *this screening has a curriculum overlap with the two elizabeth taylors, a book club in knoxville, the members of which are reading joyce carol oates' "where are you going, where have you been?" upon which this movie is based. the book club meeting is december 6th. see link for details.

wednesday, january 18, at 8 pm: wheel of fortune and fantasy (2021)
    directed by ryusuke hamaguchi
    starring kotone furukawa, katsuki mori, and fusako urabe
    story: anthology of three short stories mostly about love
    content warning: frank discussions of sex
    genre: drama
    runtime: 121 minutes
    in color
    in japanese with english subtitles
    new screening location! please email for address or dm the gffc instagram account